aposto in Italian means "properly done, in the right way". That's the wish and the goal for all our works, to be a posto.

Masaki Wakagi

Masaki Wakagi

Founder – System engineer

I am a Japanese developer. After working at a renowned web agency based in Osaka, I founded aPosto in 2015. As a side project, I also run a computer programming school for kids in English called YouCode.

Jacopo Drago

Jacopo Drago

Designer – Art director

I am an interdisciplinary designer who graduated in Design and Arts in Italy. My interests go from web design to graphics, from photography to video, from interior to industrial design. I can speak 5 languages. Ciao!


The core of what we do


We listen.

We ask questions. After that, we ask more questions, in order to know as much as possible about you.


We build a picture.

We address your business, your objectives and the design challenge to be solved. With our understanding of your audience and what they want, and how to deliver your business objectives, we create a strategy.


We solve your problem.

The smart digital strategy that we create for a client is a practical and thoughtful approach to resolving design challenges, meeting business goals and delivering a successful product for both you and your audience.


Our solutions

  • Corporate website plan
  • Website renewal plan
  • Art direction and logo plan
  • E-commerce plan
  • Page speed optimization plan
  • Responsive website plan
  • Startup support and consulting
  • Landing page plan
  • Consultation to increase site visits
  • Video production for social media
  • Multilanguage site plan
  • Digital product design
  • Industrial product design
  • Service and UX design

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