Welcome to aPosto!

We are a creative agency based in Kyoto.
We design and build websites, digital experiences, brands and products.

Now accepting work requests for interesting projects, brands, organizations or ideas.

About us

Our disciplines

Web and eCommerce

Website / Landing page / App / Mobile

Product Design

Apps / Gadgets / Wearables / Internet of Things / Robots

Brand and media

Graphic design / Logo / Video production

User Experience

Information architecture / Rapid prototyping / Start up support / Service design

Our good-points

Goal-driven design

We work with our clients as a team, trying to reach the same goal. We believe in goal-driven design, that addresses both our client’s goal and the users’ goal.


We create user-friendly websites, easy to understand information architectures and products, so that your audience can simply enjoy the service and brand in a natural way.

Long-lasting relationship
with our clients

Once we’ve delivered on your objectives, the output is yours to own. But if you need changes, we’ll happily fix it for you.

Multilingual support

We create multilingual websites, apps and interfaces that can seamlessly transition into any language. Plus, you can talk with us in Japanese, English, Italian, Spanish and German.

Hybrid team

We are a small multi-disciplinary team, proficient in many different fields. Our setup eliminates unnecessary communication channels that cost time and money for our clients.

Quality over quantity

It’s our job to make the best products possible. We take on less work so we can do our best work.

Engagement models

How can we assist you?
I want to renew the current website but I don't know from where to start
I want to increase my site’s visits and sales.
I want to start selling my products in my personal online shop
I want a thrustworthy website creation partner
My website was created by another agency but they didn’t granted me an efficient support
I would like a simple consultation and advice to talk about website creation
We can help you with that!

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Production flow:
Design + Build

We will fully develop your product and bring it to the market. We follow our 9-stage Production Process, that includes Plan, Development, Testing, Launch and Warranty. Once we ship, we train your staff and hand you the keys.

dialog comics 01

Meeting and discovery

Getting to know the client and the requirements and goals for the project. Learning and understanding the problems to be solved. Presentation of costs estimate.

plan 02

Research and strategy

Investigation and research of the market, the industry field and competitors. With the results propose an effective project plan and direction.

pencil and ruler 03


In this stage we design a visual representation of the product (e.g. a website) that satisfies all requirements of the client and the project.

code editor and keyboard 04


The design is developed into the final working product, which is then tested in the appropriate ways

graphic design digital tools and mouse 05


Accepting the product as final and complete according to specifications, and ready for release to its intended audience.

target and arrow 06

90-Day Warranty & Support

Accepting the product as final and complete according to specifications, and ready for release to its intended audience.