Garage Takagi

Expert repairs and restoration of cars for hobbysts and collectors

Brand Identity for a classic cars restorer

We worked on the branding and website design of both modern and classic car restorer in the Kanto area. The business main focus is on car body repair, complete restoration of vehicles and car interiors renovation and decoration.

With its 25 years long experience in working with imported luxury cars, Garage Takagi can offer services and technology of outstanding quality that sets them apart from the competitors.

During the branding phase, we explored the qualities and personality of this business, which matches quality and professionalism with a friendly attitude. To tie it all up, we wanted to stress their passion for cars and especially classic cars. The result is a colorful visual image with a strong personality that merges technical elements with a vintage feel. The mood was set to create excitement and trust.

The logo design is inspired by the analog odometer of classic cars, with the I of Takagi turning into a 1, to signal that they are the best option that the market has to offer.

The design of the website was tailored specifically to smartphone users, since we detected that the great majority of visits are done through mobile devices and not laptops and computers.

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