EAGLYS – Encryption Technology

Rebranding and redesign for EAGLYS' quantum encryption solutions

The Data Revolution

EAGLYS is a Japanese SaaS tech company offering some of the world most innovative data encryption solutions.
Through in-depth interviews and communication with our clients, we got a deep understanding of this young company’s goals and identity. We proceeded to visualize and give shape to their mission and personality, and provided a new brand image that Team EAGLYS can use to introduce themselves to the world.
We created a new branding and logo system for their family of products DataArmor, which comprises 3 (and growing) different solutions.
The collaboration continued on a complete website redesign from scratch, with multi-language support and a particular stress on modern interactions and animations.
Finally, the new branding has been applied also on collateral materials, such as business cards, posters, etc.


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