Crank Tokyo

E-commerce platform for a select shop related to the world of classic cars

Crank Tokyo

We designed the brand image and website for Japanese retailer Crank Tokyo. Crank is a select shop that sells both online and offline a wide variety of products related to the world of classic cars.

We followed our clients since the company’s inception, by helping them find their brand identity, with its mission and values.

Subsequently, we proceeded to design a logo and a visual image for this business. We wanted to create an image that could blend well with the vintage and elegant atmosphere of classic cars, while also keeping it very modern. Some of the inspiration that informed our design derives from the graphic design of the 50s and 60s, in particular posters of car competitions.
The logo itself is also reminiscent of the classic carmakers logos, with its shield-like shape.

Finally, we designed and built the website, which features E-Commerce functionality, so that Crank can bring their business online and connect with Japanese and international customers.

For the same clients, we have also designed the interior of the shop located in Jimbocho, Tokyo. We will upload the details about this other project soon.

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